Towards a Smoother and Safer Ride

Accelerating the pace of innovation – Jebsen & Jessen Packaging equips Malaysia with the first EPP-enforced car seat.
Jebsen & Jessen Packaging, Malaysia (JJPM) Nilai continues to make successful inroads into the automotive industry after winning a major contract to supply foam components to the Subaru Forester earlier this year. Most recently, it has succeeded in securing a contract to supply the base of the rear seat for the new Toyota Hilux. 
The JJPM Nilai product features the integration of a wire frame and is moulded with an EPP (expanded polypropylene) encapsulation. This creates an anti-submarine effect to protect passengers from hitting their backs against the metal base under the seat belt in the event of collison, and has earned the product a five-star rating from industry body New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP).
In addition to enhanced safety and comfort levels, the product also significantly reduces the total weight of the car seat by more than 10%. This enables greater fuel efficiency and acceleration thanks to a higher power-to-weight ratio.
This product is the first of its kind to be mass produced in Malaysia for the automotive market and is a perfect fit for the new Toyota Hilux, which has been recently introduced with major technical changes that deliver significant improvements in safety and fuel efficiency.
The Toyota Hilux is one of the most popular pickup trucks in Malaysia with a production volume of more than 20,000 vehicles each year. Thanks to this, JJPM Nilai is looking forward to potential revenue in excess of S$6.34 million (RM 20 million) over the model’s five-year life span.
“This success was built on a strong can-do spirit that is shared by the Head of Department and key project team members. With critical input from our raw material supplier for EPP, JSP Ltd, and their support on the design and technical development of the product, the project finally came to fruition three years after the initial proposal. A project of this magnitude could only be made possible with the faith and support of our Regional Managing Director Chui Tau Siong and the Group’s Executive Board, who approved the investment for the initial tooling,” said Edmund Yeoh, General Manager of JJPM Nilai.